MCSA Office 365: Reasons for Getting Certified. 70-346 & 70-347 Exams

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MCSA Office 365: Reasons for Getting Certified. 70-346 & 70-347 Exams


Microsoft Office 365 is a Cloud-based service provided by Microsoft company. It is a powerful tool that offers robust security, reliability, and user productivity. In order to qualify as a Cloud applications administrator focused on managing Office 365 products like SharePoint, OneDrive, or Exchange Online, one has to receive the MCSA certification by passing two exams (70-346 and 70-347).

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This article focuses on the first exam, 70-346 designed to cover a section of the utmost skills required during the management of Office 365. This exam tests your skills and knowledge to carry out technical administrative tasks on Microsoft Office 365. However, the ideal candidates should have a passion for planning, deploying and operating the Office 365 products such as SharePoint and OneDrive and take the second 70-347 exams.

The exam is set based on the following key domains:

  • Provision Office 365
  • Management of Cloud identities
  • Planning and implementation of networking and security in Office 365
  • Implementation and Management of Identities
  • Implementation and management of federated identities
  • Monitoring and troubleshooting of Office 365 availability and usage

About the exams

  • The exams contain 40-60 questions which could be multiple-choice based, drag and drop or use cases.
  • A maximum of 2 hours is allowed for the exam.
  • The pass mark for the exam is 700 out of 1000 which is equivalent to 70%.
  • The cost of doing each exam is $165.


  • A candidate is required to have foundational IT skills before attempting to take 70-346 or 70-347.
  • Understanding of Office 365 products like Exchange Online, Skype for Business, SharePoint Online is recommended.
  • One should have experience in operating the Office 365 Admin Center.

Reasons for MCSA: Office 365 certification

Microsoft still remains a major provider of Windows products and services such as Office 365. There is a huge demand for skilled IT professionals who can properly evaluate, plan, deploy and operate these services. MCSA: Office 365 certification increases your opportunities and prepares you for career advancement in Cloud technology. It also allows companies to ensure that the IT individuals they are hiring are very competent and committed to handle Cloud-based services and increase the company’s productivity.

Exam 70-346 Managing Office 365 Identities and Requirements

Exam 70-347 Enabling Office 365 Services

Consequently, you will receive an MCSA credential after passing 70-346 and 70-347 exams which is very important too. It will help you during the online job application because Microsoft has your data and can provide to the employers when needed. This is mostly true for IT professionals who take on freelance jobs online and such certifications help you to get hired easily. Besides, Microsoft certifications are accepted worldwide and hiring managers are known to prefer certified candidates.

Last but not least, this certification gives you an advantage over your colleagues at work or students. This means that you will be highly competitive and recognized in a crowd of IT professionals. In addition, MCSA Office 365 is an entry-level certification and is required for any candidate wishing to proceed to higher credentials like MCSE.

Best training platforms for Microsoft 70-346 & 70-347 exams

Candidates are encouraged to be fully prepared before taking Microsoft 70-346 and 70-347 exams. This is true because of the high pass mark and strict guidelines in the awarding of these certifications. The platforms listed below are some of the best and popular sites where you can get the latest and in-depth learning materials to get you prepared. I would encourage you to visit these entrusted sites during your preparation moment.

1. Exam2Pass

Exam2Pass offers instructor-led video training and practice tests to its students. The courses are offered by expert instructors who employ the latest methodologies in teaching IT courses. It is highly favored because of its simplicity and step by step descriptions used by the instructors. Besides, the practice tests are in line with the objectives of the Microsoft 70-346 or 70-347 study guide. Lastly, the tests are set in accordance with the latest and trending technical skills in the market.

2. Pass4itsure

This is another online resource with a simple and highly responsive user interface. This site offers an exceptionally large library of exam dumps. The exam dumps are verified by IT experts and meet the expectations of the candidates. Also, the materials are updated from time to time to make sure that all the latest technology advancement are exceptionally covered.

3. Passitdump

This site also offers numerous samples of the exam that are structured in the format which is similar to that of Microsoft 70-346 exam or 70-347 exam. The exams are set to help you get the key areas and topics from where the main exam will be set. In addition, they also offer premium files at subsidized or discounted prices.

Tips for passing Microsoft 70-346 certification exam

Upon realizing how this certification is crucial in the IT industry, it is very prudent to prepare very well for the main exam. Here are the few tips which you should employ during your preparation.

  • Make sure you are using updated materials, for example, the latest exam dumps. Technology changes on a daily basis and learning from an outdated source might not properly prepare you for the exam you will be expecting.
  • Create your own study guide to include all the areas you are not so comfortable with. This will help you focus on your areas of weakness as you go through the study materials.
  • Go through several online resources. Don’t forget to get a few mock or sample practice tests to gauge yourself from time to time. You can easily get the sample tests and exam dumps from the sites listed in this article.


Cloud technology remains vibrant in this era where companies and individuals are shifting their services to the Cloud. MCSA Office 365 is a better deal that will put you in a map of the most demanded IT professionals. Get certified and be part of the team that brings change to our global village!

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